We are a group of creative ladies working in the fields of graphic design,
illustration, objects, fashion, textiles and jewellery design.

We share Studio Blinkblink as a co-working space.
Sometimes we host workshops and other happenings.

Currently the team consists of:

Jule Richter
Dominique Matta
Megan Clancy
Ekaterina Koroleva

The studio was founded in 2012 by Anna Niestroj.


You can find Studio Blinkblink projects from 2008 to 2018 here


Here is a summary of persons who have been member of Studio Blinkblink at some point since 2012:

Lisa Wennekes, Peter Niestroj, Franziska Streichert, Maria Günther, Elisabeth Fuckel, Tobias Böhm, Ernest O. Look, Maria Cukorova, Raphael Prejs, Diana Buske, Verena Bettin, Stephan Gabler, Jochen Küpper, all the founding members of INNOKI, Caroline Niestroj, Jules Villbrandt, Jule Geflitter, Lina Göttsch, Anselm Schwindack, Daniel Briesemeister, Sophie Wohlgemuth, Christian Berkes, Anastasia Gidt, Valentin Schulze, Tabea & Nina a.k.a. FOR SCHUR, Shani Moffat, Catherine Hug, Theresa Vilsmeier, Tanya Cooper, Julianna Schreyer, Tanja Hildebrandt, Jule Richter, Dominique Matta, Franziska Vogt, Beatrice Sala, Megan Clancy

Here is a summary of our beloved interns at Studio Blinkblink since foundation:

Franziska Rommel (2012)

Tabea Cubelic

Julia Mertes

Joana Huguenin

Nike Memmler

Violaine Launay

Aleksandra Milewska

Wiktoria Mankowska